About Project Comunidad!

What is Project iComunidad! ?

Deming is resilient in so many ways. We share our love for this town, its people, and the beautiful desert where we've chosen to live.

We've lived through serious challenges before and have found that if we work together and support our neighbors, both new and old, we're strong. Project iComunidad! is the initiative that begun in response to the strain the COVID-19 pandemic was placing on our community.  


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Using items that were donated, Colores United volunteers have put together small care packs for those in our community.  We have put together four different care packs.  One for babies, one for the elderly or intellectually disabled adults, one for immunosuppressed individuals, and one for first responders.  We ask for minimal information and we will try our hardest to reach all in our community that are in need.  This may be a difficult time for some in our community, and hopefully what we can contribute will help relieve the strain just a little bit.  

Special Notes on the care packs:

  • As the contents of the care packs may change depending on availability, we will continue with the care packs as long as we have supplies or they are needed. 
  • We ask that one care pack be received per family per month.   
  • Drive though pick up is preferred to minimize social interaction.  You can sign up for a specific date and further information for your pick up will be available on line.  
  • Care packs are free, but we do accept donations that go towards our programs.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us via social media messenger or by text at 575-322-2330



To register for a care pack, please click below!